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The past few years have been an incredible blessing. From a young age I knew that the film and video industry was something I wanted to be a part of. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons through the years by constantly putting myself into different types of productions. Every experience has lent itself to further my love for the industry.

Starting at the age of 18 I began shooting wedding films for brides and grooms and haven’t stopped since. If it wasn’t for my years spent shooting wedding films my love for film and cinema would not be the same today. Filming weddings prepared me for so many of the challenges I face today in the commercial industry.  Wearing all the hats from pre to post production are skills and abilities that I am able to bring to the table on every project.​


The favorite part of my job is getting to know couples on a personal level. Their story, how they interact together, and the reason it all leads until the moment they say I do, is why I love my job.


Growing up I was constantly around cameras. From that, I saw how important it was to capture moments in time. What makes video so special is that it's able to preserve more than just moments in time. Imagine looking back on your wedding day 30
years down the road and reliving the first look, the first kiss, and reciting your vows all over again.


I'm a story teller, with a video camera.


-Aaron Almquist

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